Bienvenidos! Welcome!


Welcome to our blog! We’re both new at this, so bear with us!

First and foremost, let me get the most important thing straight- CRISTINA picked the theme for this blog. We’ve been talking for a while now about how we should start some sort of blog to share with everyone all of the amazing (and sometimes crazy) things that the Lord is doing for us, so I let her pick the theme and I’ll have to settle on all of these colors. For those of you who know us,  we both come from VERY different places and backgrounds, so expect a lot of different stuff! About us:

Cristina, born in the Dominican Republic to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father, was raised in Manhattan and has been here since she was 2. (Get it? – Dark Skin – “Cafe”)

I myself was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA to two American parents (Leche – in english “milk”)…..which makes me, according to Cristina, a Southerner Beach Bum. (FYI – Cristina pronounces southerner as “Suuhhtherner”) She get’s real excited when telling her non-english speaking relatives that she is marrying a white-boy from down south. I just smile and go with it.

Instead of telling our story here in our first post, we figured that we would spend the next posts (for however long this blog lasts) giving bits and pieces…but for now we want to share the exciting part of our life that we are calling “Marriage Preparation”…which includes planning a cheap BUT elegant New York City wedding (which seems next to impossible) and uniting two different families from VERY different backgrounds. It helps that I’ve learned to speak spanish through the years!

So there you have it, your typical Cafe con Leche mixture!  If you know either of us, you are aware of how CRAZY our lives have been. We both know how crazy at times it has been watching how the Lord has brought us together as a couple and into our engagement, and we wanted to share this time with all of those who are far! We love you so much!

86 days to go…….

God  bless you!!!



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  1. Awesome, and the name is cute. It’s something me and marsiol, well maybe more me, would use to refer to us.

  2. I’m so glad to have found your blog through Mark Shea, and pray many blessings will rain down upon your marriage and your ministry. I look forward to sharing your story with my three teenage daughters and other young people I know. 🙂

  3. Hi Andrew and Cristina,
    So good to find you again, Andrew. We’ve often wondered what happened to you after leaving Honduras. Now, thanks to Mark Shea’s blog, we know. What a surprise! …that is to find you on Mark Shea’s blog….not that it is a surprise that you are engaged to be married. Daniel likes to recall the drive to el centro with you during which on the way there you were convinced that marriage was for you and on the way back you were convinced that you’d be a friar. 🙂 Y’all have a great story, and we pray for you as you prepare for marriage, and as you witness and evangelize. Dios te bendiga.
    Michelle and Daniel, Juan Pablo, Emmanuel, Maria Victoria, Solanus, and Joseph Hinckley

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