11:43PM – Late Night Thoughts on Modesty


PLEASE take the time to read this short article and check out the video at the bottom!


Okay so let’s be real for a minute – it’s summer in New York City….which means it’s hot. Real hot. Recently, the Lord has been taking us deeper when it comes to the issue of modesty. Trust me! I know we all struggle with it! Of course there’s the obvious answer to plenty of clothes out there and whether we should be wearing it in public…..but sometimes we struggle and compromise for the sake of “looking good”. We’ve all been there…..so PLEASE don’t take this as judging, I’m just sitting here with Andrew trying to really call ourselves to be accountable for the way we carry ourselves for we are Temples of the Holy Spirit.

I guess it’s hitting me more and more each day because I walk through the streets with Andrew, I look around and straight up – the way women are dressing makes me want to cry! Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s always been “bad” and that people have always worn the kind of stuff they shouldn’t be wearing in the street……but it’s gotten WORSE. MUCH WORSE. It’s at a point where I don’t even want to walk around because I don’t want my man to have this kind of stuff thrown in his face! (It’s not an issue of him staring it it, but of it being FORCED in his face) So we’re at the point that literally EVERY day we see things and look at each other and stop to pray. I can’t help but think – “Mercy Lord, we know not what we do”

My dear ladies! Especially my fellow women and SISTERS of Faith…. for the sake of fighting this culture of LUST and DEATH, please dress appropriately!

To make the point even more clear, let’s talk about Facebook. (By the way, all of what I am saying I’ve also asked Andrew and OTHER men of God about, so this isn’t just me saying it)

Okay so let’s not play ourselves, Facebook says it all — it’s crazy. Basically EVERYTHING we do is posted for all to see…..whether we like it or not. Period.
Us women (and this goes for men too, but I’m a woman writing this) that are involved in the lives of youth and young adults…..ESPECIALLY those of us who serve in ministries, need to ask ourselves DAILY – “Do I dress modestly?” “Do I make men lust?”

We have to check ourselves – it’s not simple answer and we CANNOT make the excuse of “Shoot, I dress modestly and if men want to lust after me, they will do it no matter what I wear”. NO, my dear sisters……if we look deep down in ourselves and take care not to fall into the easy trap of VANITY , we know if we are wearing something that will lead others to sin. We must CONSTANTLY be on guard for our testimony and appearance. As I once heard a priest say “If this is too much for you, then quit the team. Following Christ requires daily/constant sacrifice. Even when we thought we’ve given it all up, He asks for more”
I hate to put it this way but, shoot! The only cleavage that should be acceptable for us is if we are breast-feeding….and even that is covered nowadays!

Please remember, I write this not as a judgement (for I daily struggle with this too!) but a challenge, Ladies. What are we teaching people by our Bodies? It’s sad to see a girl in the street who looks back and grills any man who seems to be lusting after her. Unfortunately the reality is that alot of broken women dress a certain way that INVITES men to lust after them. And we all know how disgusting it is to be lusted after.

As I prepare for marriage with Andrew, I’m learning SO much about how men work and think…..its crazy! If we as women only knew the power we have in each others lives! As women of value we must encourage each other in every way, especially in the way that we dress!  AND the power we have to effect men! We can play a BIG part of making either a MAN or a BEAST, all by the way that we dress.

Like I said, I struggle with this too. BUT I’ve come to understand over time that I desire heaven above-all and I DO NOT want to be lusted over as a sex object! Please my sisters, please! Let us help each other and be more aware of the way we dress! And if a sister helps us out by correcting us and what we are wearing, we MUST accept it humbly! If not, we are denying the same Bible that we claim to believe in.

PLEASE take the time to read this short article and check out the video at the bottom!



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  1. A commenter on the article made a very good point. It’s not your fault if someone breaks into your house and steals stuff, but does that mean you shouldn’t lock up your valuables or get an alarm system? Same with sexual assault and how we dress.

    Thank you, Cristina, for writing this.

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