Abraham Lincoln


As Cristina and I prepare for this Sacrament, the Lord continues to call us to go deeper into understanding His Body and how we all relate to one-another. ( Sadly in our humanity, some days we fail in answering His call)

Lately, He has been showing us through our lives and our families that everything we do has the potential to heal or to wound! EVERY decision we make effects the entire Body of Christ!

This can either be taken as overwhelming – if we are living in sin and we worry that our lifestyle might lead others away from Him


This can be the cause of great JOY because our daily actions (the smallest they may be) can bring others TO Him!

Sometimes when the question/doubts come up about WHY Cristina and I are waiting until we are married to become one, to live together, etc – we remember this! For we can either add numbers to the statistics that say that it is impossible to do this, or we can disprove them and give hope to those hoping that this truly is possible!

Recently I was having a conversation with someone about certain sins that, if they’re done in secret, shouldn’t be such a big deal because they don’t harm anyone else.

This made me think of the story that I heard from a homily years ago about Abraham Lincoln. (Hence the title) Everyone knows the story of the president going to see a play at Ford Theater and being assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. What some people don’t hear about is how it actually happened that Booth was able to sneak into the VIP box where Lincoln and his wife were sitting. John Frederick Parker, one of the guards on duty that night for President Lincoln, decided to stop by at the local bar with a friend during the play’s intermission. This was the perfect timing for Booth to sneak in and set-up for his assassination once the play began again during the 2nd act. Many came to blame Parker for the murder of Lincoln because he left his post unguarded….he was out drunk and enjoying himself with a friend – completely unaware of what was happening back at his job.

This relates to us more than we might want to believe. Imagine the times that we decide to indulge in things (even if its just “once in a blue”)…..whether it’s going out and having just A LITTLE too much to drink, imagine going home to an emergency situation where you are needed to drive or take control of the situation, yet you are unable to. Even the most normal of nights that started out with the common thought of – “no one will know….I’m not hurting anyone”, can end up turning into something MUCH bigger, effecting many more than we had ever thought in the beginning.

Sin(through our selfishness and weakness) effects others – whether we like it or not. Even though we are all human and guilty of sin, we must remember the words of 1 Peter – “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, like a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour!” Many times the sins of generations past, stick around to haunt us and we end up carrying with us the consequences of decisions that we had NOTHING to do with.

But, ultimately there is HOPE. Just as Mary’s “Yes” brought forth the life of Jesus Christ, His “Yes” on the Cross brought us our Salvation. And now today, the “yes” that we make daily brings us to His Divine Will. It is the same word – Yes – that has brought me and my future bride to where we are today, and will hopefully one day lead us to Eternal life.

Psalm 112:

“…his descendants will be mighty on the earth and the generations of the upright will be blessed”

Just this morning Cristina and I were reflecting this morning about where we would be without Christ, where we would be if we hadn’t gone through our deep conversions. God calls each of us! He does not desire that we linger around in sin, He daily calls us out of it, but we must CHOOSE. Through this “Yes” that He is calling us to make, we have the Hope of causing a chain-reaction. This “Yes” is what will drown out the darkness – and will give others the strength to say “Yes” as well.

As we enter this battlefield (which is RAGING in our generation), we need to encourage each other when it comes to our testimonies. May we continue to say YES in choosing His will, in choosing FREEDOM, even when we “feel” like doing the opposite.


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