From “Til death do us part” to “Let’s see if it works out”


The more that Cristina and I prepare for marriage (and start noticing and observing marriages/couples/families more) the more we hear the “opinions” of those who don’t fully agree with what we are doing.

While we know that everyone has “good intentions” when they tell us to wait to get married so young, it’s hard not to be frustrated.

I mean, it really doesnt make any sense – in a society where everything has to be “political correct”, where everyone sees life differently and has a right to live how they want, where believing that something is right or wrong is considered “judging” – you would think that that EVERYONE would congratulate us! I mean, according to this liberalized world we live in, Cristina and I are doing “Whatever makes us happy”, right?!

WRONG! As the days pass, we continue to count the remarks we get from the cashier at the supermarket, the two-cents we get from our coworkers and friends, and even extended family members! “Oh, you guys are SO young to be getting married” or “You guys want children right after the wedding?!”

I tell Cristina (jokingly) that I’m tempted to sarcastically say, “DON’T JUDGE US!”

So recently in the leadership of Corazon Puro, we’ve been talking about the idea of this Post-Modern world that we are living in. Let’s just put an example (im NO philosopher) – If Modern Man of the last 50 years or so, was focused on having a good office job to make money and support his family (and not having too many children so they could have everything they want), the current Post-Modern man is focused on “living-it-up” for as long as he can before he gets married and has a child(because more than a child or 2 would make life miserable…..according to the world)

There was a theory called “Liquid Love” that was expressed by the author Zygmunt Bauman almost 10 years ago, and it focuses on the way that this new generation (that we are at the very beginning of) views morals/values and LOVE. Its like liquid, its flexible, goes with the current and can change it’s states easily (ice/liquid/vapor).

Please READ this article by Spanish philosopher Francesc Torralba Roselló that I *roughly* translated HERE.

One of the points made by the author is that as a culture, we are afraid of commitment….this means anything from accepting jobs, sticking with them, dating a single person, but even worse – Marriage – something that is *supposed* to be LIFE-LONG, is all seen as an enemy to “freedom” and pleasure.

We’ve lost the vows in the wedding from “Til death do us part” and we’ve turned it into “Let’s see if it works out”.

Please read the article. It’s a stunning and shocking realization and as much as we want to deny it, it’s the battlefield we find ourselves in.

Our faith in Christ and Our Church teaches us about sacrifice, forgiveness and faithfulness. This is the only thing that can truly save our society as-we-know-it.


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  1. Hi Cristina and Andrew, I really enjoyed reading you posts! I am so hppy we will be there to witness your SACREMENTAL MARRIAGE!! We are all called to be counter cultural and you guys are really in a mission field up there in NYC! I am soooo happy for you and can’t wait to see you!

  2. I just want to encourage you! Joell and I are having a honeymoon baby. We had so many comments especially negative ones from people we love and respect and even people who love the Lord with all of their heart. We constantly hear “you shouldve waited” or ” you guys need more time”. More time for what??? God joined us together! God is the ONLY One who can give life. That’s what we tell people! We are happy and excite regardless of what anyone says because children are blessings!!! It is also a blessing to be joined with your mate “so young”. Love you guys and I support you 100%.

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