Check out this awesome Catholic blogger….


….Michelle Burns at Catholic Unveiled

I wanted to repost her article on “WARNING : May Cause Holiness” about going to Daily Mass. It’s really funny yet VERY true! Check it out. From “Catholic Unveiled” –


Well, it took me eighteen years, but a few months ago I finally realized that Jesus > sleeping. As such, I’ve been getting up early for daily Mass most days this summer.

I highly recommend daily Mass for anyone. Period. But before you jump aboard the crazy train of over-the-deep-end Catholicism, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Daily Mass will force you to go to confession more often. It won’t take long for you to become a Communion-junkie, which means that it will become increasingly difficult for you to survive more than a few days without getting your fix. This means that – if you’re as much of a sinner as I am, and if you’re as bad at discriminating between mortal and venial sin as I am – you will no longer be able to put off Confession until Saturday afternoon. You may find yourself in the sacristy or Confessional before morning Mass on Tuesday, and then again on Thursday, and then again during regularly scheduled Confession hours on Saturday just for kicks.
  2. You will develop a closer relationship with your priest. Because of all the extra time you’ll be spending in Confession, you will realize that your priest is actually a well of wisdom and compassion. This will prompt you to schedule spiritual direction sessions with him, which could realistically lead to the two of you exchanging emails and phone numbers. You will email him about your problems, and he will text you with the address of the nearest convent.
  3. If you  are a woman, you may find yourself wanting to wear one of these during Mass and adoration:  
  4. If you are under the age of thirty, anyone in your parish who attends daily Mass will suddenly realize that you are a living saint, put you in touch with vocations directors, and give you lots of great books. This is an especially nice perk if you are actually discerning a religious vocation. If you aren’t, I guess it might get a little old after awhile, but after you read warning #4 that won’t be a problem!
  5. If you’ve never considered a religious vocation before, you probably will begin to after a few weeks of daily Mass. There’s just something about being in the Presence that makes the idea of total surrender a whole lot less scary.

Daily Mass is a huge grace, and here in the U.S. most parishes are well-staffed enough to be able to offer at least one extra Mass during the week. Take advantage of it as often as you can – but be forewarned: your sin won’t last too long in the Presence of the crucified Lord, so you should probably start saying your goodbyes now.











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