Things to be excited about!


1. The Pope is in Spain!….and there couldn’t be a better time for thousands of ON-FIRE Catholics to be gathered in one of the most spiritually-starved countries of the world! This also means that plenty of Religious (who actually love their vocation) will be seen walking around publicly – hopefully opening the eyes of the Spanish youth. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament has been and will be adored ALL OVER the place and Mass will be celebrated outside (forcing many Spanish youth to at-least witness it)

We must pray for our European brothers and sisters!

Some sites to follow for videos/footage of WYD Madrid:

2. A new community of bloggers has launched! Check out!

FYI – Cristina and I may be writing posts with them, so stay tuned!

3. The Missal is going to make MORE sense, starting Nov. 27th 2011! Check out this video that explains pretty well:

4. In 50 days, Cristina and I are getting married here:

Yea I know. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Please pray for us….we know that Satan is already begun his attack….so we must remain vigilant!!! If you want to know how to pray for us – ask Bl. JPII and Bl. Mother Teresa!

…..and the best yet…..

Christ is Risen and will come again! No matter how much things seem crazy, overwhelming or doomed(it can be hard not to feel that when you look around outside)…..remember! He is Risen! And if it’s hard to remember that…..guess what?! He left us His Most Precious Body and Blood!


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