As I was walking one day to work – a 3 1/2 mile walk – (ha-ha I’m trying to get ready for the BIG day!) I heard ahead of me two, very-fit women speaking about their yoga class. As they were jogging and taking a break every half a mile, they continued their conversation, not knowing that I was being nosey and listening in….. as I eavesdropped, they went on to talk about this new “Goddess” within and about how yoga has brought them such “interior healing.” I was SO close to pretending to trip over them so that I could yell out – ” Jesus can heal you!”…

It’s funny because they both kept looking back at me as I walked behind them,  as if they could see my soul crying out to them.

Maybe I didn’t do my part in evangelizing to these beautiful ladies…. sometimes fear can paralyze us ( Lord please forgive me!!)

It’s crazy because more and more I am running into people that are so “into” this New Age religion (or at least varieties of it) as a fix…… but its only a temporary fix.

My question is why is the world so afraid and hateful of the christian religion, when people are so ready to jump on to this “New Age” stuff??? It makes no sense.

On any given day at any given public place, I can find myself in a crowd of a melting pot of people,  speaking about their beliefs in religion, politics, morality (Abortion is a big one), marriage, etc….. and you know what? I usually stay very silent until I am asked about what I believe.

I answer as lovingly as possible – I am a Roman Catholic. I vote for Life and I realize the importance and sanctity of family….which means that unfortunately most of the time I must vote Republican…(although I wouldn’t call myself a Republican) I just know that I CANNOT SUPPORT ABORTION. I know that logically (even if our “laws” tell us the opposite) no person should have the  “right” to kill their child.  I stand for the truth that Marriage is between one man and one woman. Period! I know that if this changes (which it seems to be doing, especially here in NYC) our society will fall apart. — Don’t think that I can’t believe these things and be hateful about it. I have many friends who live a gay lifestyle, others who disagree with me on abortion…..and I love them greatly!

Usually after my response, you could hear a pin drop. And then, sadly, the air thickens – dun dun dun -and the attacks start rolling.

A sad truth….

As Catholics Christians I ask myself – are we ready to be martyrs? Seriously! Are we ready to be hated, to be spat upon, to be discriminated against and cast-out because of the Truth we hold? Believe me, we are in a time in history and the current is now stronger than ever. We are fighting against strong forces.

This is not a joke, nor a movie…. this is the Gospel becoming real and alive. This is a worldwide attack against the Truth. Against Jesus Christ Himself.

This past week in Madrid, the Pope called together more than 2 million young adults from around the world for the –  World Youth Day (for many people who do not know what this is – this is not a whole bunch of “weird” Catholics worshipping Pope Benedict XVI! We are showing love and support to our leader, the successor of St. Peter the 1st Pope!) When I talk to people from other denominations or non-denominations, sadly the only way people get it is when I try to explain it like he’s a Joel Olsteen or a religious Oprah (but that’s a horrible comparison for he’s much greater 🙂 ), …HE’S THE LEADER OF OUR UNIVERAL CHURCH- THE APPOINTED SUCCESSOR OF ST. PETER – appointed by Christ Himself! – read it in the Bible Matthew 16: 17-19…and then research the original greek)

So Spain held over 2 million young people – on fire for Jesus – pilgrims together on a journey of unity, evangelization, and of deep prayer. The attack that they encountered was beyond despicable….truly sad. —–>The physical and verbal attacks could have only come from the enemy! <—— IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, CLICK THIS LINK FOR PICTURES!

Praise God we have a great God that nothing nor no one can destroy!!!

With each day that passes by here in New York City, it seems that the attacks are getting stronger….. but one thing I do see and can testify to is that our young people are not giving up! They are not budging or compromising out of fear….and we must continue to raise them up! In Christ we are only getting stronger and we are called to raise up soldiers for the lord ( I hope to raise my children one day in His love, to fight this battle!).

I encourage you all to not be afraid….despire the battle that is raging… for the Lord is on our side and will not let anything happen to us if we trust in Him.

Let us pray and love (Love love love!) all those who do not know Him….who seem to be “against” us…so that we can all be unified in Love and Truth!
In Christ,



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