Book Alert!!!


Have you been longing to go deeper in to Scripture?

Do you ever feel bored or struggle with where to begin?

Fear not! Stephen Binz, the author/speaker/scholar has been working on some great works about Lectio Divina!

“God’s Holy Word addresses the deepest levels of our lives with the assurance of divine
grace and wisdom for our individual and communal faith. I am grateful for this new series
introducing our Catholic people to the riches of Sacred Scripture. May these guides to
understanding the great truths of our Redemption bring us all closer to the Lord of our
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

Check out his latest works called : Lectio Divina Bible Study (2011, Our Sunday Visitor Publications) The Mass in Scripture, The Sacraments in Scripture

You can find it here :

God bless you all!


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  1. Wow! God is sooo good! I was just looking into Lectio Divina yesterday because I wanted to implement it into my prayer life but I didn’t really know where to start. Thank you for this post, I’m definitely going to look into it!

    P.S.- I really love you guys’ blog! It’s awesome! It’s such a joy to see couples trying to be holy in this society. Keep it up and you’re in my prayers! God bless! 🙂

    Nadi M.

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