How far would you go?


If you haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet OR if you think that you didn’t really like it very much – please, STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING and go watch it right away. This movie is AMAZING.

You can disagree with me all you want, but you wouldn’t just be disagreeing with me, but with the Box-Offices of the US, England, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany…..AND 10 Academy Awards!

There is a reason this movie stole the hearts of all of us! It is a painting of the truths that are written so deeply on our Human hearts. It also amazingly depicts the story of Jamal – a young boy raised in the slums of Mumbai – and his fight for life and love, prudently. I say prudently because it depicted some very “heavy” and disturbing realities of our world – Child Prostitution, poverty, way, gang violence and sexuality – without crossing the line for the viewer. It truly proves that the cruel-reality of life can be depicted in film without overdoing it.

After a brutal battle between Hindus and Muslims in his slum, he finds himself motherless and abandoned, forced to survive with his brother Salim and a young girl, Latika. It doesn’t take long for a deep selfless love to form between Jamal and Latika, beginning as an innocent expression of a childlike joy, protection for each other and loyalty.

But, time and time again (as if it’s the “story of his life”) Latika is taken away from Jamal. Even in one of the scenes that is the hardest to sit-through, when it seems that they Jamal will finally be able to protect her from all of the evil of this world, she slips right out of his grasp, literally.

The genius of this film is in the ending scene – the final kiss that heals Latika of the wounds of her past. By the laying-down of his life leading up until the final scene, Jamal’s kiss shows Latika the meaning of true love. For the first time in her life she is worth fighting for, worth dying for.

The last time we watched this movie, I couldn’t help but think about how the Lord desires to use our human love to be a part of each others healing. (which is Godly, for God is Love ) It’s crazy to think that He wants us to play a part in His plan of Redemption!

As I prepare to become Cristina’s husband, I pray to God that He may use me and my “kisses” to heal Cristina from all of the wounds that this world has inflicted on her. That my daily actions, both big and small, may lead her to holiness through the gentle healing that the Lord is calling both of us to experience.


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