Communication is key


The Lord’s Grace is the foundation, but communication was still the key to building this relationship.

I know some people are probably sick of hearing us remind everyone but………38 days till our big day!!

Like I’ve said before, people always ask me, “How did you know he was the one?!”

Wow, so many thoughts come to mind!  (Because he’s so handsome, he makes me feel beautiful,  he’s a God fearing Man… etc etc etc!) yet more and more God is showing me that our relationship has been like praying….truly abandoning all and communicating without fear or reservations…..and it has been that way since the very beginning.

 NOT – “Oh, but he has so much potential

You see, Prayer (or Communication) is the key to being in relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. He is real and DOES communicate with us! But not only should we speak to Him, we must learn to listen to Him as He speaks to us….this is hard to do and takes time because He speaks to us in the quiet depths of our hearts – the still, small voice. ( 1 Kings 19:12) We must be in constant prayer in order to simply and fully live our lives.

Ahh……I still remember the first night I spoke to Andrew on the phone. Long story short, I  had a meeting with our Chastity ministry Corazon Puro and we confirmed through a text message that I would call him once I was back in the city from the Bronx. I still remember that night clearly because I was thinking about Andrew so much.

I walked to the train station from our meeting in the South Bronx  and it was about 11o’clock on a beautiful, clear summer night. There were children playing still in the streets, typical thugs hanging out on the corner and people selling flowers on the corner….so many random things going on at once, but hey, that’s the Bronx.

As I sat on the train, I thought of the first few words we would share on the phone…. I was so nervous! How would  my voice sound when I finally said hello? What would we end up talking about?  If he asked me about my past or about my family, what would I say?! How should I be?!

But, the words that resounded in the depths (yet brokenness) of my heart were – “ just be YOU”. No acting or putting up a front to impress him….(like we are all tempted to do when we meet someone we like)

Something that night convinced me that I needed to be completely me, not letting myself be consumed by the fear of him not loving me for who I AM! And that’s just what I did.

Looking back at a year ago now, I know that the key to figuring out in my heart that Andrew was the one came from communicating EVERYTHING, from my beliefs, dreams, goals and even struggles. Sometimes it even felt like we could be communicating TOO MUCH! But, that was never a problem…in fact, it only helped us discern God’s Will even more.

We talked about the intimate aspects of our Faith – our prayer life, our struggles and challenges. We discussed the tough issues in our world from politics to issues of society like abortion and gay marriage. We desired to put EVERYTHING on the table….attempting to be 100% transparent. We even talked about children and about being open to life as soon as possible. (something that people are constantly “advising” us against)

We constantly shared with each other our dreams, our current daily lives and even the delicate areas of our pasts. There was nothing I could hide or keep from him, not my dark secret struggles or my ex-boyfriends from my past or my fears about the future. I refused to wait months and months of being emotionally invested to somehow find out much much later that he really wasn’t the one.

So there you have it, communication is the key. 9 out of 10 people give advice to young couples that includes : “Communication, communication, communication!”

Most of the problems and struggles I see around me with dating/married couples is because of a lack of communication.

Now in our situation, Andrew and don’t necessarily struggle with a lack of communication but how we communicate… one’s perfect!!!


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  1. Very true, and I remember thinking the same thing, “No games this time. Just be ME!” There a very few things in the world sweeter than the love of someone who loves the real you, the good and the bad. It just keeps getting better!!! 😀

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