Laying down everything…


The Lord has granted us such a wonderful gift- the Sacrament of Marriage……

….and it’s official. I am now Mrs. Pocta!

Sitting here typing this, I can replay the memories of that miraculous day…. the image I have as I walked down the aisle with my father towards Christ my true Bridegroom. That day, as I walked towards him, I imagined Jesus Himself – stepping into Andrew’s body saying – “now you are called to Love me on a more physical and tangible level”

Wow! He was glowing in and through Andrew, in such a powerful way!

One of the most blessed and holy parts of the Liturgy was the moment of the Litany of the Saints…..and you’re probably wondering why we are laying face-down in the picture above….

You see, throughout this time of marriage preparation, the Lord was constantly calling us to meditate on the Cross – on our personal sacrifice to one another as we became one flesh. Andrew and I have always been moved and inspired by the powerful symbol of Prostrating in God’s presence, especially when we were recently witnesses at a final vow mass of a few religious brothers back in July.

This unique “laying down of one’s life” signifies so much to our Church and us. It shows great humility, vulnerability, penance, and is one of the most profound ways of dying to one’s self. What a blessing it is to witness something so special and unique – something only found in this way within our Catholic Church!

So as the wedding approached and my husband and I discussed it, we came to the conclusion of “Why can’t we do it?!”  Through prayer and serious discernment, we felt the Lord asking and reminding us, “ are you really ready to lay your life down for me through each other?” We were ready and we knew we wanted to include this gesture in our wedding.

Right away, we spoke to the priest that married us – Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR – and we asked him his thoughts about this….he responded (like any good priest) “ASK THE ARCHBISHOP!”

One of the blessings of working here in the Archdiocese is the fact that we can speak with the Archbishop… within a couple months of waiting for a meeting, we finally had the opportunity to sit and speak with Archbishop Timothy Dolan. He shared with us that although he had never seen or heard of that in all the years of his priesthood, he couldn’t see why we shouldn’t do it!

There isn’t much to say about that day… was more powerful, miraculous and awe-inspiring than either of us had ever imagined! God’s presence was known, as we layed down our lives as sacrifices of love.

The Lord was and is so good! I am so thankful for all of the ways in which He guided our wedding preps – all of the spiritual and material aspects – things that we thought wouldn’t come together in the end…..all the way from our wedding day and even now in our marriage!

Oh! Andrew looked beyond Handsome! The only words to describe him that day were “A PIECE OF HEAVEN!”

 I look like I am floating….and trust me, I felt like it!

There will be more pictures/videos to come! Please keep us in your prayers as we begin adjusting to new life as ONE FLESH!

In His Love,
Cristina Pocta


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  1. Since you’ve been “gone,” enjoying your first few weeks as husband and wife, I have read your wedding story about six times. I’m so inspired by your pure Love. Thank you for being such fantastic witnesses! I have a lot to learn from you two.

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