Sharing our talents


What a gift it is to be married! What a blessing to share my life fully – 100% – with my best friend!

Truly, the gift of married is much more beautiful than I had EVER expected or imagined it to be! Not only have we committed our lives to each other until death, ( which is powerful to even think about) but on a daily level, I get to wake up to the most beautiful woman in the world….EVERY day!

As a sometimes over-scrupulous and harsh critic of myself, I feel unworthy of this blessing and of this beautiful wife of mine. Looking around at the friends and family that surround me – I ask myself  “What did I do that would have you bless me this much, Lord?!”

As this past month of marriage has come-and-gone, Cristina and I have been praying for God to help us go even deeper in to the mysteries of this beautiful Sacrament. What does all of this mean? How are we, personally (in our own distinct way as Andrew and Cristina, not anyone else) called to live-out this daily sacrifice of love? How are we called to be witnesses of His love by the way we love and serve each other?

One thing we know for sure – we must share it!

With all of the distortion and perversion in this modern world, we are called to be like those who shared their talents and saw them multiply before their eyes. BUT, there is the constant temptation to hide them and bury them where they will be safe….

Just as Christ has called us to share His love and His Good News – that there actually is meaning behind all that we do and live in this lifetime – we must celebrate Marriage!

I now understand why it is so important for children to be raised with parents in the context of marriage – because through the human model of unconditional love (love that does not end – even when romance or emotion fades) and openness to life (a mother AND father) – children see God.

As we embark on this journey, and encounter all of the obstacles that Satan has placed in the way, we ask you to pray for us! Pray for us that we might not grow tired in this path to holiness, that we may teach others through our example while-at-the-same-time learning from those before us!

While I can say (even after only 1 month) that marriage IS difficult, I must also say that it is BEAUTIFUL and truly the way that the Lord intended. There is nothing like laying my head to rest after a hard day’s work, knowing consciously and openly that no matter what happens between Cristina and I, we are committed to persevering – just as He does for us.


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  1. Your relationship and marriage is a true example to me that in today’s world a Holy and Pure relationship is still possible. I was in corazon puro about a year ago, when you and Cristina gave your testimony and it was like it the words between you too flowed, like you were a right match for each other… Once i saw that, i said ” God i want that”, i want a man that takes me to Heaven. Both of you do not know me directly but i know some one the members in CP and go to their monthly meetings, i only trust that God has a plan for me in which i will be at peace with. Thank you for your amazing example.

    God Bless,

    Jennifer Aimee Cid

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