Jesus <3 Religion


So everyone has seen the viral youtube hit “Why I hate religion but love Jesus”.

I don’t think it’s even worth it to write up a response to the video… many have already done it. If you want to read a few good responses check out the following :

from Marc Barnes @ BadCatholic blog

Jimmy Akin’s Response

As for my wife and I, our favorite video responses are :


and from Virginia Beach:

I guess it’s not surprising that some people (especially on Facebook) would make such a hit out of this video. But this guy is sooooo OFF the mark.


Let’s help be the response to this video by living our faith! Unashamed and uncompromising in our Love for Him and for the Truth that sets-us-free!

May God bless you and may you feel the warmth of Our Lady’s Mantle!

Andrew and Cristina (and Baby!)


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