1:35PM – Cristina is doing well, surprisingly well, actually. The nurses are feeling comfortable with starting to ween her off of the highest dose (level 4) of Magnesium Sulfate, down to a lvl 3 dose, which is making her much more aware and with less naseaua than your typical post-op case.

She still can’t have anything to drink (not even an ice cube yet)because of the specific anesthesia used to calm the uterus.

I’m still here by the bedside, waiting to see how she reacts to everything, and periodically soaking her face with ice cubes (she’s burning hot from the meds)


11:35AM – Cristina is doing well in recovery, about as good as any of the patients are when they initially leave surgery and feel the shock of the Magnesium Sulfate.

Also, they have to closely monitor her lungs to make sure they dont fill with fluid.

The nurse – “lying on one’s back over time will cause excessive amounts of fluid to fill the lungs, as does being pregnant (naturally) as does being on Magnesium Sulfate…..Cristina is unfortunately in all 3 of those boats, so we have to make sure this doesn’t happen and cause her to stop breathing.”

It is somewhat normal for there to be contractions during this first day and in case it happens, the team will intervene to prevent them from escalating into labor. Up until now, she is not contracting and that is a very GOOD thing.

More to come. Thank you for your continued prayers!


10:45AM – Cristina is in recovery but is still pretty out-of-it….she’s thirsty and feeling extra hot due to the Magnesium Sulfate (used to relax the Uterus)…and she will be feeling this way for the next 24-48 hrs….with the goal of helping the uterus to relax enough for her to heal and to help Maria Isabella re-adjust for the long-haul….3+ months of pregnancy and healing.

These next 2 days are crucial in makin sure that her contractions (which are natural in the beginning- her uterus is ‘confused’ ) don’t lead to a necessary delivery.

Thanks be to God, the surgery was pretty simple and uneventful according to the doctors!

We will continue updating.


9:00AM – Dr Sutton came to inform me that he had finished the neurosurgery on Maria Isabella (closing her opening in her back) and now they were finishing with closing Cristina’s Uterus and stomach incision. She will be back in her room recovering shortly.

Now we must pray for the next 48-72 hours, for her Uterus to remain in a calm state and for Maria Isabella to survive the initial shock.

More updates soon!

If you have been praying up until this point in our journey, I beg you, pray now more than ever!

March 14th 2012, 5:30AM – Cristina and I arrive at CHOP to begin preparations for fetal surgery.

6:30AM – After the epidural is set, (something Cristina swore she would avoid by delivering naturally) we pray and wait. It starts sinking in….our lives are really about to change forever, we are embarking on a long 3-4 month journey….a journey full of more praying and waiting.

7:15AM – I kiss my wife and her womb one last time before I make what is probably the biggest act of trust that I’ve ever had to make before, and the surgeons swipe their key cards, opening the OR doors and disappearing into a long dark hallway.

Waiting. Praying. Our faith, hope and trust are in Him.

More updates to come. Please pray for our young little family.

In Him,



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  1. Andrew! keep me posted please! i’m too nervous 😥 wish i could be there! As soon as you have news, write on Mami’s wall (in spanish) so when i call her she can tell me what’s new. Thanks! i’ll be praying! ❤ Love. Joy, your cousin-in-law.

  2. Holy Spirit woke me at 5:22AM…have been praying ever since and will continue….Love in Christ,Janet ( a cousin from Maryland )

  3. Fasting and Praying for all 3 of you with all that I can. Trust Him!! Praying for His divine mercy to shower upon you guys. Thank you for reminding me of the privilege of my profession and for trusting us with your most valuable possessions. I love you guys and am praying!!

  4. Andrew and Christina,

    I’m writing from the recovery bed after a successful c-section. Offering up our very small suffering for all of you! St. Joseph, pray for us!


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