Recovery – Day 2



3:00PM – Fetal Cardiogram and Ultrasound show that everything is GOOD! 

Look for the red and blue flashes on the monitor to see how healthy Bella’s heart is!

8:00AM – Day 1 after surgery.

Last night turned out to be a pretty uneventful night and between each 5-10 min checkup (they are still VERY vigilant over Cristina for the first 48 hrs), I was able to relax, knowing that Cristina and Maria Isabella were doing just fine.

As the initial side effects of the Magnesium Sulfate and various other anesthesia begun to wear down, Cristina was able to make more sense of the whole procedure and to remember the different family members that had visited and called to check up on her. She remembers waking up in her recovery room (which feels like a hotel suite!) and asking about 10 times, “Is the baby ok?!”

Not too bad, huh?

So we laughed and relaxed….got to share a little with our nurses and doctors (who have been AMAZING and very loving/gentle). Please remember Margie and Lindsey, our full time nurses here at CHOP in the Special Delivery Unit…they are two beautiful young women whose care for Cristina, I will never be able to repay….and I believe that Cristina’s well-being and surprisingly peaceful recovery is partly do to them and their love. Sometimes, when we got caught up in conversations throughout  the evening, it was hard to tell that Cristina was in a surgery at all!

Not quite what we had expected! The nurses – while they remain calm and stay busy – still seem to be very much surprised at how well Cristina is doing on the meds and even more surprised at how well her uterus has taken everything. I’m no pro at all of this, but from eavesdropping on different conversations between surgeons/anesthesiologists/nurses, it seems that they would expect even the slightest contraction or irratation from the uterus by this point in the recovery!

God is over-doing Himself! Now we wait to see how His plan shall unfold, as it already has done, even in the past day!

Please continue praying! I will try to update everyone by lunchtime, after the team attempts the first post-op ultrasound of Maria Isabella! (sometimes the baby can still be a little sleepy after this procedure)

BTW – It’s been incredible how much prayer is going on ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Not only do we have prayer warriors from my office in the Archdiocese of NY praying hard, over 1,250 people viewed the blog and over 50 people sent us messages via blog, committing to pray for Cristina and Maria Isabella! Thank you! We are all united….and as a proud father I can say that our little girl has some very special mission with her life!

In Christ,



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  1. hi guys!!!!!
    PRAISE JESUS!!! and thanks to Our Lady too for all her help.
    i am soo happy you are all doing well, sending my love to you, andres and of course the little princess, whom i cannot wait to see.
    seguimos en oracion por ustedes.
    with love
    ana cristina

  2. Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other!!! Our God is healer, awesome in power!! Our God!!!!!

    I had to give a quick praise because this is amazing!!!!!! God is holy!! His will is awesome what he is doing with your family is beautiful!!! I am praying guys!!! And give Cristina and Maria a hug for me bro!!! Love you guys!!!

  3. Andrew and Christina,

    Glory to God! and Our Lady and St Joseph. The power of prayer is amazing. Sigan creciendo en confianza en “La Santisima Trinidad” y en nuestra dulce Madre. La confianza cambia acontecimientos y es una forma de honrar y dar honor a nuestro Padre Celeste. Always in my prayers.


  4. What an incredible witness to love and hope and strength amidst trial you guys are! Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for your family, from here in Massachusetts!! Take heart, for He has overcome!!

  5. We’re so glad to hear that things are going so well – it is a true testament to what can happen when you trust in God and don’t “deny My charity” (in the words of your wise cabbie). My God continue to bless you, I think he’s got great plans for your little family. – Molly from Iowa

  6. Everyday a rosary is said for you, your wife and your daughter. We love you all and miss you guys dearly. Your Corazon puro family is praying for the family. The light of the world youth group is praying as well.

  7. Andres and Cristina We will continue praying for you both and Maria Isabella, God is good. All MMC couples are praying for you gays. We love you, and we are so proud of you. Gracias por esa lección tan grande de fe que nos están dando. From Maximo, Marcia and Marcia Esther.

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