Recovery – Day 3


UPDATE 3:00PM – After 2 full days of bed rest and very limited movement, Cristina got up to walk! 

12:00PM – March 16 2012

Today is what the nurses are telling us will be the hardest day, post-surgery. An hour ago Cristina’s epidural was removed and the little black button next to her head, (that became her best friend) was taken away from her.

Keep in mind that this also happens to be Cristina’s first operation ever… adding the fact that this type of surgery -while it is even rare around the world – is extremely invasive and delicate, post-op/post anesthesia soreness and pain is also so foreign to her…so my poor baby is in A LOT of pain.

Overall, all of her vitals are good….her breathing is slowly improving (although her lungs have a way to go) and her uterus has thankfully remained in a calm-state. This morning the ultrasound showed that Maria Isabella is still calmly relaxed and in a breech position, which also causes Cristina more pain on her incision as Bella slowly bumps into the wall of her uterus.

The next big step is the removal of her catheter, allowing her to slowly get-up-out of bed and to the bathroom. Even though this activity will be limited, the more that she is able to do this, the better her function will improve and her lungs will be back at 100% function.

Please keep praying, these first few weeks are CRUCIAL in maintaining the calm-state of her uterus and keeping Maria Isabella in the womb until she should be born!

Thank you for all of your prayers! I will update you as soon as we find out more!

BTW – our nurse this morning came in to change Cristina’s IV and had a St. Gianna medal dangling from her neck….she then told us that St. Gianna interceded for one of the miracles that happened here at CHOP for a child with a severe blood disease!

Check out her story @

The Lord continues to remind us that He is in control!

In Christ



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  1. Hi..we are you distant cousins from N Y (long island). We have been following you both on this journey through grandma Bridget and aunt Gloria. We will continue to keep you both and of course, Maria isabella in our prayers. You both are very special people, and yes God does have a special job for you here on earth….

    May God continue to watch over you all,
    Love, Marie & George Hunt

  2. Continuing prayers for you all. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in Ireland…I will be remembering a very very special little mother tomorrow at Mass. Go Isabella…taking all this in her stride!! I’m detecting a great chatacter here !!!
    Jennifer xx

  3. Cristina and Andres, Just getting back from 2 1-2 weeks in the mountains and WOW have been praying for you guys and Maria Isabella constantly!!!! What an amazing witness are your lives and your trust in God….I know that He will continue to prove SO faithful and add to your blessings because He knows that you sole desire is to give glory to Him through your lives and your family…know that your Honduran family is praying for you constantly…we are all part of a chain that will remain unbroken storming heaven for His love and power to continue to be revealed…..Let me know when it may be possible to talk to you guys via phone…..I love you three!!!!! Peace be still…..Your Father in Heaven loves you extravagently!!!!

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