A long road ahead…prayers urgently needed…still.



Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few days….it’s definitely been a roller-coaster of events.

As of Monday, March 19th (last night), we are moved in to the Ronald McDonald House of Camden in south New Jersey. Despite the initial impression of the surrounding neighborhood, the House itself and its staff are incredible! Not only have they given us a temporary apartment that is BIGGER than our apartment in New York, there is a constant flow of free food and activities downstairs at any given time!

Altogether there are 22 other families being “housed” here (free of charge, donations suggested) while they are required to stay in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Families have come from Europe and all over the United States to seek help for their special needs children. In this specific house it has earned the reputation as being a refuge for pregnant mothers who are undergoing or have undergone the same operation that Cristina had last week. Needless to say, this will be the ideal place for us as we are able to share with other married couples and mothers going through the same situation (fears, nerves, pains, etc).

Check out their history – http://rmhc.org/who-we-are/our-history/

It’s pretty incredible that this place exists! I mean…you can’t get much better than this – each day tons of food donations are dropped off for everyone in the house to use for breakfast and lunch (each guest is given their own private cabinet and refrigerator space) and every night, volunteers come to cook meals for the entire house!

A new friend of ours mentioned to us that the co-founder of the Ronald McDonald House charity, Jim Murray, is a devout Catholic….check out his story here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Murray_(American_football)

The Lord continues to go before us and provide for our needs each day!

To top that off, to ease my worries about financial and practical burdens/difficulties during these next few months, God is using friends, families and even generous strangers – as some people have reached out and offered help if we were to ever need it!

Praise God for His Providence, which is shown and experienced through the generosity of His People – the Body of Christ!

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us during this time……especially those who have helped out….we promise to carry each and every one of you in our daily prayers! Maria Isabella has yet to know how much she is loved by SO many!

Please keep praying for her and for Cristina’s slow recovery. I know that after the surgery was over, many people remarked “Phew, glad the hard part is over”….but the reality that the doctors and surgeons shared with us is that the work has just begun. In many ways, the main surgeon felt that the surgery was actually one of the easiest aspects of this whole process…the prayers need now are for a calm and slow/steady recovery for Cristina’s uterus, allowing her to carry Maria Isabella to-term, without going in to labor early.

PLEASE continue to pray for that, just as fervently as you prayed during the time of surgery!

In Christ,

Andrew (with love from Cristina and Maria Isabella!)


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  1. I love you all so much and have not ceased praying for you. As I said before, you are such an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your faith, witness, and perseverance. Lord has some amazing plans for you, and most especially Maria Isabella.

  2. Been praying for you since I first heard about you and have asked my readers to do the same!!! So happy to hear things are still chugging along for you guys! What a blessing this child already is!

    Amen – the Lord’s goodness cannot be outdone!

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