Reflections from a mother on bedrest


I sit here as I end the first week of what my doctors are calling “Strict Bed-Rest”… the moment I write this, I find myself alone as my mom takes our dishes downstairs to the common area to wash them.

It has been a few hours since my husband has left me…..he had to head back to NYC for a Spanish Pro-Life Congress that is being run by his office at the Archdiocese of NY.

Oh, be still my heart! How I miss him! I can’t help but embrace this moment to pray and to speak with my Lord….”Father, I miss him!”

I hear Him speak to me gently, “Fear not my daughter, for I am with you!”

“But Father, I feel so alone without him here by my side”

“I am with you, know that I am the ONLY one who can truly fulfill you in that deepest of ways…and in these moments of missing your one flesh, hold on to ME!”

At this moment I imagine myself embracing Our Lord….and as I fall more deeply into prayer, I feel the splinters of the Cross stinging my lips…..

….I have to tell you (and I know this might sound crazy) that during my first trimester of pregnancy with Maria Isabella, I heard the Lord speak to me (Andrew is my witness for those of you who might think that I’m schizophrenic!) saying: “Cristina, I want you to carry a Cross for this little Life within you”

Now naturally I’m thinking headaches, nausea, even the progesterone treatments (in extra-large injection form!)….you know, the typical pregnancy symptoms. Boy, was I wrong!

At this point – after finding out the diagnosis and undergoing reparative surgery for Maria Isabella – I now understand more about what His plan is with this “Cross” I will be carrying. I truly feel that the Lord is taking Andrew and I together on a journey to go deeper into understanding this LOVE (Jesus) that was willing to die – and continue to die, daily – for His Love.

I mean….I’ve had to die to myself – literally – in taking up this Cross (whether I liked it or not!)  I’ve left my job, family, and friends and have moved to South Jersey…all in the name of taking up this Cross (and embracing it!)

At this point I feel like I have no other choice but to tell God “Take me wherever you want me to go!”

So…I ask all of you to please send me your prayer requests….I have a lot of discomfort/pain/soreness and even nervousness to offer up to Our Lord….so I’d love to add your intentions to that list!!!

Either post your intention here, or send it to me via

Oh, and please keep praying for our recovery!!!

With Love

Cristina (and little Maria Isabella)


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  1. Dear Cristina,
    I have been praying for you and following your blog since Calah from Barefoot and Pregnant mentioned your family. I will continue to pray for your family. Since you have asked for prayer intentions, may I please ask that you pray for my pregnancy as well. I am currently pregnant with my 14th baby. I have 8 living, and 6 little saints in heaven. Last October I was pregnant with twins, they were mono/mono twins, meaning that they were identical twins with no separation from one another, same amniotic sac. This had yet to be confirmed when we found out they had both died. We were scheduled for an ultrasound at 16 weeks. When they were scanning, they saw that neither little one had a heart beat. I was, and continue to be heartbroken. I have been praying so hard that this little one makes it. If you might say a prayer for this sweet baby, I would be very grateful. I will be praying for you on your journey. I am certain it will not be easy, but it will be blessed. God’s Angels watch over you…
    Blessings, Megan

  2. Hmm – I counted wrong! That would make this #15! (but only 14th pregnancy – that’s where I got confused!)

  3. I just came across your blog at A Woman’s Place and was so happy to find someone else who loves Hispanic ministry. We just closed our adoption search. I know it was the right thing and that it was God’s will. But I still keep praying for a lot of siblings for my daughter, she wants at least 10 :). Could you pray for this? Also, my husband and I are leaving almost everything behind so that he can to go to a Catholic college in So Cal. We are both in our early 30s, with a 3-year old daughter. We are going to be relying completely on God, a new thing in our lives, when we have lived so comfortably until now. Could you please pray that people will buy his artwork and that my side business of making handmade goods will grow, so that we can both earn enough to survive the next 4 years while self-employed?

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to post! It’s a huge relief to know that you and the baby are doing OK, I hope your recovery stays on track. Please pray for my aunt and her kids, who are going through a difficult time.

  5. Please keep me in prayer, been dealing with anxiety lately and am slowly trying to go back to having the relationship I had with Christ. I will surely keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless you are truly an inspiration.

  6. Hi Cristina, Is Jennifer from Corazon Puro Retreat in January, i was in your small group. Hopefully you can remember. I have been praying for you and following your blog for the latest news and have told other prayer communities like the young adult group i go to and the legion of mary to pray it up for your family. As for me, first i will like to ask in prayer for the conversion of my parents to Christ and for my last two classes in college. i will be graduating this may God willing but have insecurities about not passing my classes, please pray that i will pass with flying colors and that i can concentrate to do my work. Thank You and God bless, will continue to pray for your recovery and for the well being of Maria Isabella that even before her birth she is uniting people in prayer and working on her mission on this earth.

  7. I found your blog and read your story from Calah. I am a mother of three with my first two being fraternal twins. At about 19 weeks my doctor discovered my cervix was short and incompetent. I was put on bed rest until around 34 weeks with nothing but prayers and God’s graces to keep me going. Your story is amazing and I will include you in my prayers.

    I almost forgot to mention that my twins Michael and Anne were born at 36 weeks and each weighing 6 wonderful pounds each. They are now two years old and healthy as can be. I will continue to check for updates on your blog. God Bless!

  8. Cristina, I am praying and sacrificing for you and your family too (I don’t have much to offer up, but I have you guys on my list of people to offer it up for). I know God is going to work miracles with your sweet baby. Would you pray for me and my husband Brett? We are facing foreclosure after he’s been jobless for over two years, and I’m having a lot of hormonal problems (that may make it hard for us to become pregnant). We want to raise children for God, too.

  9. Your little family are all such brave warriors for Christ! Thank you for your inspiring example and your beautiful words. My fiance and I have been long distance for 2.5 years, so I know well the pain of loneliness when the person you love is far away. Thanks for reminding me to cling to Jesus on the cross.

    I would really appreciate prayers for us as we prepare for marriage and try to figure out all the finances and logistics that go into starting a life together. Also that my parents and I can find the physical and emotional healing we need to move into the future.

  10. Cristina, you and your husband are in my daily prayer. May the Lord give you the courage and strength to witness God’s love and care. He is with you and everything will work out for the glory of God.

  11. Hi Cristina, It so so great that I read this post today since it is the Annunciation. Your surrender to the Lord is sooo like our Lady! I want you to know that you, Andrew and Maria are in my daily prayers and you are very inspirational to me because I so often feel that I am reluctant to “die to myself”. Never forget you are not only being held by the Lord but many of us hold you in our hearts!! Love, Shannon and all the Candlers

  12. Cris, you and your precious little family have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. Since you asked for prayer intentions – please pray that as I prepare to become the Bride of the Crucified One, that I could learn to love the Cross, because it was HIS Cross first! I know I need to work harder at learning to offer up my little sufferings for those I love and for those my Spouse loves. My Consecration is less than 80 days away, and I just wish that was enough time to become a saint! Somehow, He is going to make us all saints.

    I love you and will continue to pray hard for your faith and healing, for Bella’s growth and delivery, and for Andrew’s strength and perseverance. Thank you both for being such examples for me!

    Un abrazo gigante from your sister in Jesus –
    Emily Byers

  13. My dearest Cristina,

    You continue to inspire me and encourage me with your faith. I cannot even imagine how difficult and scary these moments can be, but God has provided for you such a wonderful husband to help bear this cross with you, even if not physically. You all remain in my prayers, and I am so looking forward to the miracles God will continue to perform in Maria Isabella and in you and Andrew. I leave you with this reflection I just stumbled upon in the book “He and I”:
    “Even when you are suffering intensely, there is a part of you where you can take refuge. During my passion, there was nothing but torture in my whole body and soul. Pain to the quick…”
    “The three equal Persons are for you, for everyone. Try to think often of their presence in you. It is Love.”

    I love you three.

  14. And since you asked for us to share our intentions, keep praying for me in my time of waiting… Rmbr our conversation at the art show Patrick organized and at Denise’s birthday *wink. I may have to buddy up with St. Anthony again 🙂 also pray for my uncle’s legal case, as well as peace and understanding in my family.
    Thank you for also helping us ease the load of our burdens with your prayers.

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