Week 3 doctor’s appointment


At this point Cristina and I have our countdowns until Wednesday’s weekly appointment, so today was very exciting for us as you can imagine.

After putting a couple hours of work in this morning and after getting Cristina ready to leave her bed (after 7 days of being stuck there!), we headed to CHOP. On the way we found this voicemail from this morning! :

Message from the big guy

It’s been such a blessing to have such support and prayers coming our way!

The appointment was as normal and routine as the last 3, basically consisting of a 30 minute ultrasound with questions from the Nurse Practitioner and our Doctors. Also, Maria Isabella’s anatomy is reviewed and checked to monitor the progress….

The liquid on her brain ,specifically within the ventricles, has remained stable. Remember, one of the major effects of the Spina Bifida defect (hole in her back, exposing the spinal cord and nerves)  is the amniotic fluid among other fluids, slowly accumulating on top of the brain which causes Hydrocephalus – or “water on the brain – in latin. They let us know from the very beginning when we were discharged post-surgery that it was very normal (although NOT necessarily always the case) that the fluid levels might slowly rise before they were to fall (God-willing). The normal size of a baby’s ventricles without Hydrocephalus is about 10mm on each side.   Today the ultrasouns shows that the  levels remained the same – about 13 mm and 14mm – on the two ventricles! While they are ‘slightly’ larger than the average baby, they still remain at a good size! Let us keep praying that they stay that way!

Also, last week in the ultrasound we had noticed that Maria Isabella had her legs crossed – indian style – and that meant that she was indeed moving them. Today we noticed her legs were uncrossed but she had her feet overlapping one another….and the best part – we actually noticed a slight twinkling of her toes….which means that if she’s able to move her toes, shes able to move her feet….and her legs. That’s a great sign! Please pray that this also remains the same and that the surgical closing of the defect is able to prevent any further damage to her nerves and thus immobility.

Here you can see her feet, and the larger oval shapes are her knees!

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how she looks in the ultrasounds….she continues to move and to wiggle around while they try to examine her….and that is all a good sign!

Please continue praying for her protection within the womb…and for Cristina’s continued recovery.

I promise to keep updating whenever we have news!

In Christ,



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  1. Woo! What a blessing! I found out about you guys through another blogger and have been following your journey. Know that you have so many people, all over the place, praying for you guys and your precious baby. Have a happy, blessed, and joyous Easter! God is faithful!

  2. Hi Andrew n Cristina! Espero que se encuentre bien con la gracia del Señor. Estoy a la espera de la actualidad con la cita de hoy miércoles. Bendiciones!

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