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  1. Reblogged this on nunspeak and commented:
    The recent statement, “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty” written on by USCCB is a reminder of what is truly the focus of the HHS Mandate. It is worth the 12-page read. This video is a reflects the voice the Bishops’ concern, that the HHS Mandate violates our Religious Liberty.

    We must first of all, stay faithful in our prayer. Pray for our Bishops. Pray for Congress. Pray for the protection of religious liberty for all citizens.

    God bless!

  2. This is what we all need to be doing out there, telling the world that we respond to higher a ideal. We do not want to kill our children, because a nation that kills its children is killing its future. We are free people by God’s will. We need to bring our sisters and brothers to know Christ. Keep praying.
    God bless.

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