7 Week Update


Today marks 7 weeks since Cristina and Maria Isabella’s fetal repair for the small defect (Spina Bifida) that was discovered 2 1/2 months ago.

Aside from a little scare from the ultrasound, everything is looking very good! Not only has Maria Isabella continued growing as expected, (and as hoped!) but she continues to move her legs and feet. Today we caught a quick glimpse of her toes twinkling…..and that is a VERY good thing!

Towards the end of the check-up, our nurse and ultrasound technician noticed something with Cristina’s cervix and both became very quiet for a moment. But they aren’t like that…..both are actually very joyful and ‘jolly’ about everything, each time that we visit for our check-up…so Cristina and I knew that something was up.

“Now…we don’t want you to start freaking out, cuz that won’t be good for the situation, Cristina, but we found a little dilation of the Cervix that is cause for a little concern….so we’re gonna go talk to the team and look a little further.”

The funny thing is that we didn’t start to worry….which is also out of the ordinary because we’ve become somewhat accustomed to worrying during our ultrasounds. (since the fateful day that they found the defect)

I looked at Cristina and we both, almost at the same moment, said to each other “I’m not worried. For some reason, I have that sense that He’s in control and there’s NOTHIN we can do about whatever is happening.”

So I step outside to ask the nurse a question and as they notice me coming out of the little sonogram room they all quiet down and look towards me, and quickly (and what seemed to be nervously) ask: “Is everything ok? We’ll be right in!”

Well….I didn’t want to freak Cristina out…so I walked back in and looked at her to say “Don’t worry babe….I’m sure it’s all gonna be fine and this is somewhat normal”…….as the ultrasound technician comes back in to do an alternative machine to examine the actual cervix.

What had happened was that the cervix site appeared to be extremely dilated (like in a woman that was 9 months pregnant, due ANY minute!) and they thought that Cristina was going to have to be hospitalized and it seemed like Maria Isabella was going to have to be delivered like….today!

FALSE ALARM, Praise God! Cristina had held her bladder for more than 2 hours in order to give them a good urine sample….and the bladder put so much pressure near the cervix site that the image they captured in the sonogram was actually a mere “focal” contraction in that area due to the pressure from the bladder. No need to worry, everything was OK!

After our appointment, we got the chance to visit with our friend, Avery, and her parents who are in CHOP all day while they wait for her to receive her monthly “heavy-dose” of Chemo/Radiation treatment to fight the cancer in her stomach. She’s quite a special girl, and has definitely been one of the people here at the Ronald McDonald House that makes our days go by a little bit faster. Please pray for her….she’s only 5 years old and has not only spent the past 7 months battling cancer, she has been in this Ronald McDonald House (away from her siblings/dad and the “normal” life of a 5 year-old) for the past 5 months….and she still has 4 to go. She’s a tough girl…but she’s got a ways to go, so please pray for her and her parents!

Here’s a little contest video we put together this past weekend for our Ronald McDonald House here in Camden New Jersey – as part of a Toyota Cars 4 Good contest. Our hope is to win a new Toyota for the Ronald McDonald House by getting the most “likes” on Facebook on June 21st. Check it out! I will remind you all when the date approaches!

Thank you for you prayers and support! Even though things look good….and God continues to bless us…..we still have a ways to go – 9 more weeks! In 2 weeks we will be approaching our half-way point…..so please continue to pray hard for Cristina and Maria Isabella! Your prayers and support mean so much to us, we always look forward to checking the mail downstairs and finding letters that you’ve sent to help keep Cristina from going crazy!

God bless you!



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  1. Oh Phew! That was a worry, even if only for a short while! I have so many people praying for Cristina and precious Isabella here in Ireland, my husband is a doctor and he is very interested when I tell him all about your updates. Hang in there beautiful Bella xxxxx

  2. Thank you so much, Jennifer! It’s amazing that we’ve got so many people praying and supporting us from all around the world…Bella is so blessed! Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Dear Andrew and Cristina. I look forward to reading your updates every Wednesday, and today I freaked out as I read the predicament that you found yourselves in during the sonogram. Thank God it was a false alarm, because I envision both of you leaving that place with the most beautiful, healthiest and happiest baby on earth. I know that this, seemingly horrendous situation that you are going through, is nothing but a valley right before the mountain top. Your attitude of surrender to God, and His faithfulness to you, has marked the path that you will follow in the future, as a couple and as parents. You are teaching a bunch of “faith filled elders” how to practice what we preach. We are learning the lesson. Keep teaching, we are listening. God bless your wonderful little family.

  4. My heart was about to pop out as I began reading, but praise God it was a false alarm. I am so positive that God is holding you in the palm of his hands, and that this is all part of a bigger plan. My prayers and thoughts continue for you three.

    Sending lots of love!

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