8 Week Update


Wow…..only 2 months left until the scheduled delivery of Maria Isabella.

I can’t believe that 8 weeks have already passed…..8 weeks! For Cristina, that’s 8 weeks (more or less) of having been on bed rest…..barely able to get up and walk around to get a simple “change of scenery”….it’s incredible. I already admired my wife before we were even married….now that’s gone up like X 100.

Wednesday’s visit was another ordinary ultrasound (and for us, ordinary is GOOD!) of Maria Isabella….they examined her legs, the surgery site on her back and the liquid flow in her brain/ventricles. Everything seems to be the same….and it’s safe to say that if there was a goal in having this surgery – the early repair of the Spina Bifida site on Bella’s back – then they seem to be reaching that. Praise God!

On another note…..Cristina’s glucose test that was done last week came back “abnormal” which means that she either had pregnancy diabetes…or was prone to having it.

Thank God! After this morning’s blood tests, they confirmed that Cristina did not have diabetes!

As for everything else…it is coming along slowly….and now we are praying for patience as we await our little girl!

More updates coming soon!

In Christ,

Andrew, Cristina and Maria Isabella


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  1. The Legion of Mary of St. Denis church in yonkers, where i work. are powering up the prayers to our Mother. Everything is going to come out fine, for God is soo good!!!! your sacrifice Cristina is already shaping you into an amazing mother. Happy Mother’s Day Cristina!

  2. I would like to thank u both for consistantly allowing us to be part of thir journey with you. Before Cristina’s pregnancy people with disabilities was never a thought. And as I began to undertake this journey with both of u, of course our Lord had a bigger purpose. Ive always been pro life but never had experience the lack of advacacy this special group of people were deprived of. Needleless to say the Lord has granted me an opportunity to experience and be able to testify to his glorious creations through my job with a non profit that provides services to people with developmental disabilities. One thing I have learned thus forth is that although they dont seem “normal” to some people, they can always potray Gods best characteristics througout their abilities. God bless.

  3. At IgnitumToday I’m Perinatal Loss Nurse, but here I will go by “Augustin’s Grandma”. Ive been out of active neonatal nursing for a while, but from my perhaps limited understanding, it sounds like your dear daughter is doing as well as possible under the circumstances she is working with. I have found that often when parents are doing a really good job, they have no idea that they are doing a really great job and it sounds like you are doing a really great job. Life has taught me that parenting comes in many forms…many of which none of us would choose…but it is in negotiating our unchosen circumstance where we bloom.

    I hope the cutie patootie in a few more weeks and when she is born, give her an extra smooch on her cheeks from the people all over who have grown to love and appreciate her just how she is.

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