9 Week Update


Wow….it’s crazy to look back at the previous posts and realize that we’ve been here at the Ronald McDonald House for the past 9 weeks!

This past week was full of scares…..at first we thought that Cristina’s test came back positive for Gestational Diabetes (I know I know…”it’s not such a bad thing…and it’s easy to manage”….but you see, anything more than what she is already going through would have been almost TOO MUCH!) and then on Saturday night around 8pm, Cristina went in to what she thought were Labor Contractions…and after calling the Special Delivery Unit at CHOP, they told us to “come in, RIGHT away”…and so we were off.

FALSE ALARM! Praise God, they were merely pains from the surgery and side-effects from where they had to stitch-up Cristina’s Uterus after repairing Maria Isabella’s back. (We think that Bella just wanted us to go to the hospital to show off to the Doctor’s just how good she is doing at 30 weeks!)

That’s right…Maria Isabella is now 30 weeks along! It’s crazy to say that…and I feel almost split when I think about the time that has passed. Speaking of 30 weeks, our 9th appointment since the surgery was normal/good. Not only did Cristina’s results come back negative for gestational diabetes (which we had a scare for!) but Bella seems to be coming along very well…..the fluids in her brain are stable and her hind-brain herniation has been slowly reversing! We continually pray that the next weeks bring the same results and that she is able to stick around inside of Cristina a little longer before she comes out!

It’s CRAZY to think that we are already 30 weeks along and only have 6 more appointments until the big day. On the other hand, time has passed SO SLOWLY! Some days Cristina says that she feels like she has been “in labor” for the past 9 weeks….all due to the surgery/bed rest/pains/unknown…..but it’s definitely been quite a journey…..and the Lord has shown His Hands in all of it.

We’ve met quite a special group of people, from all over the world….who have been so good to us during all of this. It’s neat to see how we’ve all become like a big family….especially as we pass the days in the great “unknown” – constantly ready for any of the women to go in to labor contractions or to hear the latest news from the doctors about the little ones here for cancer treatment and surgery. (BTW – little Avery has been having a FULL RECOVERY!)

Aren’t they beautiful?!

As for Cristina’s bed rest….it’s still “on”….but she’s able to get around downstairs during meals and in her wheelchair. It’s been nice because she still gets to sleep all day if she’s able to….and she’s also able to have small groups of visitors come for 2-3 hours at a time. Last sunday, we were able to celebrate Mother’s Day with the Rivera family.

Daddy-daugher love

3 of 5 siblings – Daisy, Cristina and Alejandro (Missing Eduardo and Karissa!)

For Mother’s day, I got to treat my wife to half of a spa-day and she got a Mani/Pedi on Saturday when we went to the mall with some friends from the Ronald McDonald House (Aseel and Besan from JORDAN, Jill and Avery from MICHIGAN)

Besan – Avery – Cristina

Yesterday, I was blessed to celebrate my 26th birthday here at the Ronald McDonald House…and although it was “just another day” here at the house, I felt the love. My favorite present was this drawing from Besan:


As you can see, we’re hanging in there pretty well!

Thanks to everyone who called and wrote for Mother’s Day and for my birthday! We promise to update you all soon! Only 7 weeks to go!
Cristina and Maria Isabella appreciate your prayers and love!

God bless you!



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  1. 30 weeks!! Wow. You’re almost there!! And what a beautiful birthday and Mother’s Day. I’m sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. I had it with Sonny and it sucked so I can’t imagine going through what Cristina is going through and having GD on top of that. My heart goes out to you. You both have been inspirational and I admire your strength! God is being so glorified through your marriage/family!

  2. Sniff, sniff! Wish we could have been there for Mother’s Day and your birthday, Andrew!

    It makes me so happy to see the picture of Cris with Besan and Avery! Lucy has been asking about them — so we’ll be planning a visit soon. Big kisses to you all! xoxoxo K.

  3. Hey! Glad you guys are doimg well even with all thats going on! I am friends with kennifer xhordo and maria steiger. I have been following your journey and on may 1st delivered our baby boy diagnosed with spina bifida at chop. I would love to keep in touch and chat yet i know how overwhelming things are right now. Ill leave u my contact info if your up for it
    Spencer.jillian@yahoo.com our babys page is facebook.com/prayforlevi

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