29 days to go!


First off…..I have to apologize for the lack of updates in the past 2 weeks. Please forgive me!

The biggest reason we had put any updates off until now was the fact that the past 2 weeks have been pretty crazy!

You see, 2 weeks ago, the doctors/nurses started noticing Cristina’s blood pressure and saw that it had been pretty high. The problem with this is that Cristina (versus a normal pregnancy) should have a somewhat “low” blood pressure because of the medicine she takes every 6 hours. So, when they begin to notice a “normal” blood pressure in the mothers who have had this type of surgery and are on this medicine, they are somewhat concerned…..and to have a “high” blood pressure, well the doctors were more than concerned and so they had Cristina go through with a few different blood and urine tests to determine whether or not she was displaying signs of Pre-eclampsia. 

Everything came back normal after the first week….but her pressure remained significantly high….and so we had to “rush” in to CHOP a few times for them to run some more tests.

The problem with Pre-eclampsia is that the pregnancy becomes “poisonous” to the mother…..and in our case, the blood pressure could rise to a level that might cause early contractions/labor – something we cannot afford to let happen.

So there began discussion about whether or not Cristina and Maria Isabella would last until our scheduled birthdate of July 2nd….because Pre-eclampsia – while Cristina appears to be stable now – is something that can creep up and take a toll on the Mother within just a few hours. As of now, everything is stable and we aren’t to worry but we must remain vigilant over any symptoms like migraine headaches, nausea and severe swelling.

Now that we see that all is “stable” or as stable as it can be, we are back in the mode of waiting….counting down the days and preparing all of our things for the big day.

Today we had our 4th-to-last appointment at CHOP and were blessed to meet with a Spina Bifida Specialist….who has worked with children with Spina Bifida for the past 20+ years. She was incredible! Not only did her positive outlook and overall love for these children completely put us at peace, but she helped to get us set up with a Spina Bifida clinic for when we leave the hospital!

On another note – check out this website – Reece’s Rainbow – an adoption advocacy group that is trying to help support people here in the US in adopting children with special needs, many of whom have been abandoned in different European countries because their parents can’t support them and their medical needs.

Here’s a little picture of  Paisley – born Nov. of 2011 with Spina Bifida…only she isn’t able to get much of the needed medical help in her own country….and she’s looking for adoptive parents. Please pray that the family who is called to adopting her will find her and that the Lord will open the doors for them to be united!

You can notice the poorly/quickly placed shunt to her brain…..please pray for her and her future family!

More and more we have been exposed to families here at the Ronald McDonald House who have felt the call to adopt children, and even more uniquely, children with special needs. It’s incredible how many children, as you can see on the Reece’s Rainbow website, are abandoned or aren’t receiving medical help…..and we’ve been blessed to have met a few families who have passed through the Ronald McDonald House who have adopted through this website. EVERY SINGLE one of the families has expressed to us the JOY and BLESSING that their adoption has been and how much the Lord has blessed them because of their newly-adopted child. It’s definitely not to be taken lightly, but I can’t help but think that there are many faithful couples out there who would be great adoptive parents……

Well, at the very least, I ask you to share this info to friends/family who may be discerning the possibility of adoption…..or even think about it for yourself! It’s funny because someone asked me and Cristina what we thought about the possibility of adopting a special needs child in our own family. While our initial response was “let us work on being good parents to our daughter who is here with us, now” we really had to stop and think and pray. Obviously it wouldn’t be something we could even think about for now, but who are we to limit God? Who are we, blessed as much as we are by Him, to tell Him “No” if He wants to bless us?! I guess my main point is that we have to be careful when we shut ourselves off or “limit” God’s blessings. Just a thought.

As for Maria Isabella’s arrival…we’re hoping and praying for July 2nd….but in reality, it could be any day now. Now that you all know about the Pre-eclampsia scare, I promise to update you all more often!

Thank you all for your constant prayers and support….we really don’t know what we would do without you all!

God bless you!



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  1. I cannot believe all of the time that has elapsed! Right before I got your email regarding the update, i had sent up a prayer for you. I can’t wait until the day when I meet Miss Maria Isabella, because she will be showing us the true power of God. Dios no se equivoca, and Maria Isabella will be born to such loving and faithful parents. In my prayers you all still remain. A big kiss to Cristina.

  2. Gracias por la actualidad Andrew. Todos los miércoles espero con ansias para saber cómo están tus princesas. Seguiremos en oración por ustedes, por las demás madres-familias que están en la casa. Espero que María Isabella nazca el 2 de Julio porque también mi cumpleaños es el 6 de julio. Qué bendición. Por otro lado, tuve la oportunidad de visitar Virginia Beach, me gustó mucho. Muy bonito. Un abrazo en Jesús y María.

  3. Andrew, thanks for another detailed updated (and thanks for plugging adoption). Wow, can’t beleive that July 2nd is approaching. Praise God. We continue to keep all of you in prayer.

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