Blessed John Paul II – Pray for us!

Just one of the reasons he’s our hero:

Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta – Pray for us!


John Cardinal O’Connor had a special love for children with Spina Bifida

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  2. Dear Cristina and Andrew,
    You both know, by now, how much I love you and I pray for you and Maria Isabella. Life is a beautiful trip when we have Our Lord and Savioras a Guide. He is leading us, in our own missions, to the Father. Under His guidance and living His teachings nothing that happen or is “asked” from us will be a trouble or having a tragic end. I like to think about Abraahn and his son, Isaac.
    “God will provide” was his answering to Isaac. This is a deep act of trust and faith in God, an answer that should be ours when we cannot grasp the meaning of the moment we are living. God loves you Cristina. God loves you Andrew. God loves Bella. God loves each one of us…He is the One who gave us life.

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